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Political Science Dept. holds 5th Annual Political Caucus

By: Adam Beam 2/2/2024

Professors of the Political Science Department celebrate the end of another successful Political Caucus.

The Political Science Department at Shippensburg University hosted its 5th annual Political Caucus in Stewart Hall on Thursday.

This event, held every election year since 2008 when the race for the White House came down to then-Senator Barack Obama and Senator John McCain, aims to provide students with a hands-on simulation of the election process, allowing them to determine a winner before November.

In this election season, although the likely candidates are once again President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, students were still given the option to choose from other candidates still in the race. In addition to the aforementioned frontrunners, students had the option to support Republican Nikki Haley, Democrat Dean Phillips, and Independents Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Cornel West.

Despite President Biden's current likelihood of securing the Democratic nomination, his odds were less favorable throughout the event. Donald Trump and Cornel West emerged as the two biggest winners by the end of the night, with both groups breaking into chants to rally support from the attending students.

"In a democracy, you should feel free to support whoever you want," remarked Department Chair Dr. Allison Dagnes after the event. She continued, "The results tonight show that Ship students are diverse in our opinions, as we are diverse in many things."

The Pennsylvania Primaries are scheduled for April 23, and Election Day this year will fall on November 5.

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