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Republican candidates prep for South Carolina primaries on Saturday

By: Carson Devitt 2/19/2024

The race for the GOP nomination continues as Republicans are getting ready to cast their votes in South Carolina on Saturday. 

Even though former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley is still trailing former President Donald Trump she remains hopeful despite being behind by double-digits in her home state. Today while talking to as many voters as she could, Haley said  "We're going to keep on doing what we're doing.  We've got people excited in South Carolina, they're ready to vote, and they've already started early voting.  We'll see what happens on Saturday and then on Sunday we're headed to Michigan."

Meanwhile, Trump’s attention is focused on his legal disputes saying, “The judges and prosecutors that were dealing with me are essentially all the same different wrappings, tone, manner, but always the same coordinated and overly nasty result. They are nasty.

Both candidates are expected to hold multiple rallies this week.

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