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Ron DeSantis suspends presidential bid ahead of New Hampshire primaries

By: Adam Beam 1/21/2024

Ron DeSantis, R-FL, has suspended his bid for the presidency and will back former President Trump moving forward. (Photo courtesy of Flickr)

Ron DeSantis, R-FL, has suspended his race for the White House two days before the New Hampshire Primaries in a video announcement posted on X, formerly known as Twitter. DeSantis is set to back Donald Trump as the Republican nominee moving forward.

The news comes on the heels of DeSantis' campaign canceling several interviews and guest appearances on major networks to promote the upcoming primary race.

DeSantis had recently secured the second-place spot in the Iowa Caucus, with 21.2% of the vote, beating out former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley by less than 3%. Haley is now the only remaining Republican nominee left facing Donald Trump in the race for the presidency. Haley is currently polling with 37.0% to Trump's 49.1% ahead of New Hampshire.

DeSantis' campaign comes to an expensive end, with the Florida governor spending an estimated $100 million. In his video announcement, he told supporters, "If there was anything I could do to produce a favorable outcome, more campaign stops, more interviews, I would do it. But I can't ask our supporters to volunteer their time and donate their resources. We don't have a clear path to victory. Accordingly, I am today suspending my campaign."

DeSantis will continue to serve as the governor of Florida for the remainder of his final term in office.

*This story is breaking. We will continue to update as more information becomes available.

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