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Rosalynn Carter, Former First Lady, diagnosed with dementia

Adam Beam SUTV News

Rosalynn Cater, 95, wife and former first lady to President Jimmy Carter, 98, has been diagnosed with dementia as revealed by The Carter Center.

In The Carter Center's official statement they wrote, "She continues to live happily at home with her husband, enjoying spring in Plains and visits with loved ones." The statement goes on to say that, "One in 10 older Americans have dementia, a condition that affects overall mental health. We recognize, as she did more than half a century ago, that stigma is often a barrier that keeps individuals and their families from seeking and getting much-needed support. We hope sharing our family's news will increase important conversations at kitchen tables and in doctor’s offices around the country."

Holding the record as the longest-married first couple in American history, the two have been together for 77 years. Meeting each other when they were children, the two wedded in 1946. Rosalynn was a massive supporter for her husband's political aspirations, but she too had her own plans once they were in the position to do so. During her husband's race for governor and The White House she stood as a massive advocate for mental health awareness, in particular the stigma around dementia.

Even after her husband's unsuccessful re-election in 1980, she still spent her subsequent years advocating for the cause. In 1982, the couple founded The Carter Center, which to this day stands as the epitome of their humanitarian efforts.

Former President Carter has also had a stint of medical concerns in the past several months. In February Jimmy was in and out of the hospital and has since been in hospice care at their Georgia residence. In the Carter Center statement it wrote, "We do not expect to comment further and ask for understanding for our family and for everyone across the country serving in a caregiver role."

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