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Shippensburg University Offering Gender-Inclusive Housing

12/5/2019 By Nolan Hoffman-Recently, Shippensburg University announced that it is going to start providing certain housing options for students who identify as transgender, gender-queer, gender fluid, or do not want to be specified.

The policy is going to attempt to provide a safe space for certain students on campus, while also respecting and acknowledging Shippensburg’s diverse student population.

The gender-inclusive housing is going to be available to first-year, transfer, re-admitted, and graduate students, as well as students who are going to continue to live in on campus housing. In addition to that, there is going to be resident life and housing staff that are going to be trained and up-to-date on all of LGBTQ+ issues and concerns.

The move is also going to be offered at every resident hall and going to come at no additional cost. Students can request traditional housing or suite options by filling out an electronic “Gender Inclusive Housing Request Form” on the university’s Housing and Residence Life website.

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