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Upcoming Spotlight: Noah & the Rubber Band

By: Alycia LaLuz 5/14/21

Photo Courtesy: Noah & the Rubber Band Instagram

In a pandemic where they felt that they could not express their musical abilities, this group formed a band to share their talent and have some fun.

While being together for a short period of time, Noah and the Rubber Band have performed at many events on campus such as this past weekend’s Rage Room to receiving third place in APB’s Ship’s Got Talent.

The band is composed of Bubbles the drummer, Sean Doyle on the keyboards, Kim O’Neil on bass and the lead singer, guitarist is front man Noah Steinfeldt.

I had the chance to chat with Noah where he said the band is super proud of their success thus far stating “We’re really happy to be playing music right now and we’re just really looking forward to seeing where we go from here.”

The band is set to professionally record their first album this summer and you can stay updated on the group’s journey by following their Instagram: @the_rubb3rband.

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